Hospital Supply Chain Consulting

Achieve transformational hospital supply chain strategies with VIE Healthcare.

Supply chain management is crucial to any hospital’s success. A top expense for healthcare organizations, supply chain accounts for up to 45% of hospital costs. With the additional cost of hospital purchased services the right supply chain strategy can increase profits, improve operational efficiency, and even boost patient satisfaction. But organizations often struggle to manage supply chain with all its moving parts.

That’s where VIE Healthcare steps in.

We offer unmatched supply chain expertise to optimize hospital operations.

Our transformational supply chain strategies grow hospital profits, dramatically improve operations,  and enhance the patient experience. All of this boosts patient loyalty, making it more likely that patients will deal with a hospital in the future. As trusted partners to our clients, we improve every link in the supply chain while empowering hospitals with sustainable improvement initiatives.
VIE’s innovative supply chain consulting approach works to:

  • Comprehensively assess independent supply chains
  • Identify opportunities for “big-bucket” operations savings
  • Implement critical non-labor expense reduction initiatives
  • Reduce clinical variation and purchased services spending
  • Develop active partnerships with physicians and clinicians
  • Optimize the OR supply chain and improve inventory analysis
  • Independently benchmark prices and map reimbursements

Our team of experienced analysts apply the latest data analytics technology to accurately collect and evaluate supply chain patterns. This unique strategy enables VIE to implement practical lean solutions for the supply chain. Our clients achieve dramatic improvements to distribution and warehouse processes, technology support, and interim management.

To learn more about how VIE’s supply chain consulting can transform your hospital’s operations, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at