Hospital Lean Consulting Experts

Today’s healthcare organizations face increasingly fewer resources and higher costs. It’s no wonder that most hospitals struggle to operate efficiently, without compromising profits or quality patient care.

The answer is lean consulting with VIE Healthcare. Our experienced leadership team is trained in Lean Six Sigma, and brings nearly two decades of experience to optimize hospital operations.

We specialize in creating more value for your patients with fewer resources—and zero waste.

Lean consulting is a popular trend in healthcare, but other consulting firms only offer brief trainings or short-term plans for lean operation. Here at VIE, we take a hands-on approach to work with you and your staff, sharing expertise and guidance with our partner organizations for long-term success.

Our comprehensive lean strategy combines cutting-edge data analytics and on-site observation to assess current operations. We use this approach to identify improvements that will optimize staffing, supplies, and space—with a special focus on improving efficiencies and reducing overall costs.

Above all, our lean consulting team is dedicated to educating our clients, leaving them empowered rather than dependent on outside consultants.

To learn more about how lean consulting can revitalize your healthcare organization, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at