Hospital Spend Intelligence Dashboards

Smart purchasing is vital to success in the healthcare space. Unfortunately, most hospitals fail to accurately measure their purchasing performance. This oversight can lead to massive financial losses and buying decisions based on faulty information—not to mention critical supply chain problems.

VIE Healthcare can help.

Our comprehensive dashboards offer unparalleled visibility of the supply chain for optimal C-suite business intelligence.

Here at VIE, we know that regular measurement of all aspects of purchasing performance is key to effective purchasing management. Our hospital supply chain dashboards come with 20 of the most critical procurement indicators built in. These powerful tools allow our clients to closely monitor and improve every dimension of the purchasing process.

Above all, our dashboards enable real-time decision making: Hospitals can leverage visibility to identify areas for continuous improvement across the supply chain.

VIE’s propriety dashboards offer the following powerful capabilities:

  • Monitor hospital spend closely to eliminate waste
  • Identify supply chain variations immediately
  • Quickly provide visibility into real-time data
  • Measure purchasing performance with high specificity
  • Explore purchasing data in a graphically inviting medium
  • Manage business through KPIs, transactional reporting, and analysis
  • Eliminate reliance on spreadsheets, which are prone to errors

In addition, VIE’s dashboards enable executive insight into supply chain performance by monitoring KPIs across multiple dimensions. This insight generates outstanding results for our clients.

With business intelligence from VIE’s dashboards, your hospital can:

  • Expertly align KPIs to corporate strategic objectives
  • Take “deep-dive” data views to drive decisions and solve problems
  • Streamline the supply chain through high-level data analysis
  • Eliminate operational waste and foster a data-driven environment

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