Hospital Customized Consulting Services for Performance Improvement

Optimizes Your Patient Care for Maximum Profitability, Performance and Patient Satisfaction… all at Zero Risk

Hospitals are the most comprehensive care providers in every community. As such, they’re constantly challenged to provide expert care backed by cutting-edge technologies, progressive concepts, and skilled staff. It’s no easy task—especially with today’s rising costs, increasing regulations, and limited resources.

That’s why VIE Healthcare is committed to helping hospitals thrive.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve stood at the forefront of healthcare innovation, pioneering hospital best practices.

By partnering with VIE, hospitals can rest assured that every element of patient care is optimized for maximum profitability, performance, and patient satisfaction.

Our unique approach to consulting enables hospitals to evaluate their own practices with the same critical eye they apply to patient charts. We help connect your facility with the tools and resources needed to stay ahead of the competition.

VIE’s hospital custom consulting includes:

  • Proven expert teams that always turn out time-tested and dynamic solutions
  • Special expertise in non-labor expense reduction, leading to assured savings
  • New disciplines for achieving cost reduction and cutting down on inefficiencies
  • Innovative ways to achieve cost reduction through enhanced productivity, supply chain management, and workflow improvements
  • Cost reduction that can be applied to one or two departments, or the entire facility

Whether your hospital needs greater discipline in the supply chain, a more streamlined scheduling system in the OR, or improvements to other areas of the facility, you can rely on VIE Healthcare’s experienced consultants.

Our healthcare experts identify powerful strategies to net your hospital favorable results, right away. VIE specializes in standardizing records and documentation protocols to align with state compliance guidelines. Potential solutions include improved patient registration systems, seamless and systematic revenue cycles, and financial benchmarking.

VIE Healthcare works on a pay-for-performance basis. There is absolutely no risk to you. We get paid from the shared savings that accrue as a result of our implemented work.

To learn more about how VIE’s hospital custom consulting can improve your organization, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at