Hospital Contract Management Services

Managing contracts is a complex—but essential—part of the healthcare industry. Hospitals today must contend with complicated terms and conditions, legalese, and confusing clauses. It’s common for healthcare organizations to manage hundreds of legally binding contracts at once—a daunting task that often leads to overspending and lack of transparency.

VIE Healthcare can help. For nearly two decades, our expert consultants have worked with hospitals across the country to leverage contracts for massive savings and streamlined operations.

We’ve developed a comprehensive contract management system to help our clients crack down on contract errors and identify cost-savings opportunities. An interactive database, the VIE contract management system provides real-time maintenance of contracts throughout the entire organization.

The result?

A secure, flexible approach to managing contracts, leases, and rental agreements—so you can get back to focusing on quality patient care.

Our proprietary contract database delivers management tools for complete contract maintenance from initial execution to renegotiation. Once VIE’s contract management system has been implemented, your hospital’s internal procedures will be enhanced and your cost-savings opportunities maximized.

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For more information, read this free article written by our founder, Lisa T. Miller: Contract Management Best Practices: Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Cost Hospitals Millions of Dollars Annually


contract management system

The system is best in class. It allows the organization significant flexibility to keep up with hundreds of agreements in a timely manner, and provides outstanding system alerts allowing the organization to prepare for negotiations months in advance. The system provided various improvements in our contract management vision and has allowed the organization to implement savings that have exceeded $1 million and are still growing.
Vice President of Materials Management

contract management system