Soldier Returns to New Leadership Role

Soldier Returns to New Leadership Role
By Amanda Malik

Last week VIE Healthcare had the privilege of welcoming back one of America’s finest – Lt. Col David Dean, who has just returned a yearlong tour of duty in the Middle East. Dean, who has been with VIE for several years, was greeted by coworkers with hugs and cheers – and a new job.
Previously a business analyst at VIE, Dean was promoted in absence to the Vice President of Sales, a new position that allows the company to benefit from his natural charisma. “Dave is the easy-going, friendly type of guy that everybody likes, including our clients” said one co-worker. It’s easy to see why, as Dean wore a giant grin on Thursday, smiling and laughing with the team at VIE despite a difficult year of service. While stationed at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, serving as commander of the 157th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, Dean was a long way from his family, including his wife of more than twenty years and their two kids, who live in Little Egg Harbor.
Now back at home, Dean is spending time with family before he steps into his new role. As Vice President of Sales, Dean will no doubt put to use some of the leadership skills he’s gained from 23 years in the Army Reserves. Lisa Miller, CEO & Founder of VIE Healthcare, says Dean’s service is an inspiration to the company. “We’re all very proud of him, and we’re excited he’s back. Dave has the ability to easily make connections and build trust, which is why we’re looking forward to him working with our clients in sales.”

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