Hospital Spend Data Analytics Research Report


Drawing on our frontline expertise at VIE Healthcare®, this report explores the cost saving potential that can be realized with hospital spend data analytics.

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In 2014, the US healthcare sector was described as an industry “in need of analytics,” yet despite that need, progress towards embracing spend data analytics as normative has been slow and the sector lags behind other industries.

Now, the utilization of data analytics is no longer a need but a necessity for healthcare providers and hospitals. The emergence of value based care has proved to be a major disruption for healthcare leaders, creating an urgency around abandoning manual methodologies in favor of the power of technology to transform processes, both clinical and business related.

In short, today’s health systems must be digital innovators.

Innovation technologies in areas such as business intelligence, AI and machine learning modeling are at the forefront of change, offering transformative power to improve processes across all areas of your hospital.