VIE Healthcare’s Proven ROI Process™ for Hospital Purchased Services

Purchased Services

For over 18 years, VIE Healthcare has developed and utilized a proven process to identify, analyze and achieve hospital purchased services cost savings. Our process starts with line item reconciliation of services invoices to contracts which uncovers hidden costs from pricing errors and off contract spend.
Analyzing the invoice line item details for every purchased services vendor, by month, allows our experts to see trends in utilization that are often missed and are very costly to the organization.
Reconciliation and Optimization are foundational before we even provide benchmarking, strategy and insights into best practices for our clients.
None of this can be accomplished through categorizing AP Spend. Superior Results Require Line Item Detail Analytics – Everything Else Will Fall Short of Accomplishing Your Full Cost Reduction Opportunities.

VIE Healthcare Has Now Automated Our Proven Process Into a Proven Technology

Purchased ServicesInvoice Analytics System – Patent Pending

Invoice ROI™ is an invoice reconciliation, contract optimization, business intelligence and analytics platform with real-time contract reconciliation and benchmarking performance which occurs on a monthly basis for outsourced services.
Reconciliation: Invoice reconciliation technology and process for outsourced services invoice accuracy matched to the contract and performed prior to the payment of the invoices for real-time corrective action.
Optimization: Invoice Analytics are performed based on the invoice line item details combined with other data inputs that Identifies Trends, Variations, Quality and Utilization improvement opportunities for Proactive Monthly Management of Outsourced Purchased Services Spend.
Intelligence: Cost Reduction Opportunities are identified by Purchased Services Line Item in Real-Time and on a monthly basis.Purchased Services

Purchased Services Purchased Services

  • Automated Monthly Invoice Reconciliation of Services Invoices to Contracts

  • Automated Services Line Item Utilization Optics

  • Real-Time Purchased Services Intelligence

  • Done For You – Every Month

Our Vision Is To Move Our Clients To A Life Cycle Management of Their Purchased Services Spend
Driven By Invoice ROI™ and The Power of Line Item Analytics

Gain Control and KEEP Control Over Your Challenging Purchased Services Spend with Invoice ROI™

It’s Easy, Efficient, Automated and Will Immediately Reduce Your Purchased Services Costs Through Line Item Optics & Analytics.

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“Invoice ROI is a very strong analytics platform which provides clear value with speed and accuracy — across the board — products and purchased services and as a valuable budgeting tool to analyze and predict and present opportunities that should be pursued.”
Len Guglielmo, Chief Supply Chain Officer at The Valley Hospital