Dramatically improve the hospital experience for patients and families

Establish your hospital as a thought leader in patient care

Improving the patient and family experience in your hospital requires attention to detail, empathy and innovation.

VIE Healthcare empowers your health system to deliver all three, optimizing end-to-end patient contact from admission to discharge.

Create an unrivaled experience with our three core solutions for quality patient care:

A holistic experience assessment of your entire hospital, from 4 a.m. until the end of the day, including patient and family interviews.

An actionable roadmap based on the insights of the patient experience assessment, coupled with a comprehensive report and innovative ideas for improvement.

Our exclusive EXCITE! training offers an interactive workshop guaranteed to realize cost savings and revenue improvement ideas of over $100,000 for your organization.

Establish your hospital as a thought leader in patient care with a reputation for excellence.

Our additional services include Patient Journey Mapping™. This innovative process closely follows your patient’s individual journey to deliver unique frontline insights.

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Capital Health has partnered with VIE Healthcare for the past three and a half years and assisted our organization in significantly reducing non-labor costs while maintaining our high level of quality patient care.

VIE Healthcare was able to collaboratively work with our team to provide the necessary marketing intelligence to develop negotiation strategies that molded to our organization’s culture, and they were able to educate our stakeholders on their benchmarks and their own success stories while maintaining client confidentiality.

Not only was VIE Healthcare successful in assisting us in reducing costs and improving efficiencies where we knew there were opportunities, they were also able to uncover unknown areas for cost and process improvement.

– Arlene Walsh, RN MSA, Chief Administrative Officer, Capital Health

Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

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