Position your hospital as a center of excellence

The patient experience lies at the heart of your hospital’s success. At VIE Healthcare our front line expertise enables us to identify efficiencies, implement cost saving strategies and create a more agile organization.

Process improvement is an essential tool for improving your hospital’s financial performance and transforming patient outcomes.

Our comprehensive, proven strategies combine cutting edge data analytics and on-site observations to evaluate and streamline your existing processes and deliver the optimum patient experience. Employees are empowered to apply these principles for sustainable, long-term improvements across your hospital.

VIE Healthcare works alongside your team to share expertise and guidance and ensure long-term success.

Our clients:

Redesign the quality of patient care with end-to-end patient contact

Build a reputation of excellence in healthcare

Harness the power of technology to drive innovation

Reduce costs and save millions of dollars


Our front line expertise transforms your processes in the following key areas:

How to work with us
VIE Healthcare's simple 3 step process

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Step 2

We Analyze Your Data

The team at VIE Healthcare® will create a customized solution specifically focused on your hospital's needs and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Step 3

You Achieve Rapid Results

VIE Healthcare® will dedicate expertise and resources that support you and your team to become a high performing hospital.

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VIE Healthcare offered unmatched support to the University of Rochester and we utilized VIE Healthcare’s forensic analysis team to identify new opportunities for savings. VIE Healthcare provided our team with insight into industry trends, delivered results, and consistently closed on projects. They mentored our team members to ensure sustainability, and thanks to the training they offered our employees, we will be able to continue using their cost-saving strategies in the future.

– Carl Tietjen, Vice President, University of Rochester

Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

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