Negotiation Strategy – Conversations With VIE

This video was brought to you by Lisa Miller.
In this video, Lisa Miller shares how our team helped a hospital achieve $1,000,000 in cost savings by constructing a negotiation strategy.
This particular hospital had put out an RFP via a third party company for equipment, technology and services.
All the vendors had been vetted, the negotiations had been completed and they picked one company that was then brought in to supply chain at which point another negotiation took place and everything was analyzed, leading to more cost savings.
Our team had been working with the hospital’s IT department, and that review had to come through us. We looked at the proposal and noticed that 40% of the spend was not looked at during the RFP or the negotiation processes.
Through our thorough processes and findings, we were able to present to the CIO an additional cost savings of $1,000,000. Click To Tweet
Learn more about this specific example in the video above, along with the exact steps we took, our negotiation approach and ultimately how we achieved the $1,000,000 in savings in collaboration with the hospital.
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