VIE Healthcare Presents a High-Value, Content-Rich, 30-Minute Webinar

The 4 Critical Mistakes Hospitals Make When Negotiating With Their Technology Service Providers and The # 1 Way to Reduce Healthcare IT Costs Within 90 Days

Learn how to optimize your license support agreements and technology while achieving market competitive pricing to reduce IT costs.

When: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 from 2:00-2:30pm ET


Reduce IT Costs

While technology plays a crucial role in helping healthcare organizations evolve to provide higher-quality, value-based care, this transition is becoming increasingly expensive.
Halee Fischer-Wright, MD
CEO of the MGMA

Reduce IT Costs

Hospital IT spending is on the rise with healthcare providers spending $40 billion annually on IT programs. Clinical healthcare IT spending alone has exceeded $18.9 billion. 52 percent of CIOs surveyed anticipate increases in their IT budgets over the next year.

With the additional cost of hospital purchased services, now more than ever, hospitals have significant operational cost pressures, and there is an opportunity to strategically analyze IT agreements, utilization and pricing to effectively negotiate with IT Service Providers for maximum cost savings. Hospitals and healthcare systems are faced with the increasing challenge of effectively budgeting for the rapid technology and IT growth as they need to enhance technology for analytics, cybersecurity, ACO integrations, telehealth and more.

Audience: Hospital CIO’s, CFO’s, IT Directors, Finance and Supply Chain

On this webinar you will learn:

  • The 4 Critical Mistakes Hospitals Make When Negotiating IT and Technology Agreements and How to Fix These Mistakes To Drive Deep Cost Savings.
  • The # 1 Way To Reduce Your IT Costs Within 90 Days, Including VIE’s Proven Roadmap that has achieved over $187 Million in IT Cost Savings for our Hospital Clients.
  • How to ensure you are protected against underperforming technologies.
  • How to avoid front loaded IT license agreements.
  • How to ensure you are paying the agreed upon pricing by extracting the financial contract terms in your IT agreements and maintaining a quick view terms sheet for easy validation.
  • How to Competitively Benchmark Your IT Agreements.

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About VIE Healthcare: VIE is the Global Leader in Healthcare IT Cost Reduction Services. Since 1999, VIE has delivered over $512 million in cost savings for hospitals and $187 million in IT, Technology and Telecommunication Cost Savings.

Speakers: Lisa Miller, Richard Dormer and Jackie Oberst have over 46 years of Healthcare IT and Telecommunications Cost Reduction Expertise. Through a fast paced, content rich webinar, filled with real world examples, participants will receive 5 major strategies to protect your technology budget and also learn how to reduce your technology costs within 90 days.

Listen to a recent Healthcare IT podcast featuring Lisa Miller and Rich Dormer:

Participants will receive VIE’s strategic presentation and a special gift for attending the webinar.