Proven Healthcare Ethnography™ Service for Hospital Operational Improvements

ethnographic healthcare service for better operational performance

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ethnographic healthcare service

Setting the standard for hospital operational performance

Our new ethnographic healthcare service, which is exclusive to VIE Healthcare, gives you deep and valuable insights into your operational performance and delivery of care. It optimizes the management of your hospital, enhances your patient care, reduces readmissions, saves you money and helps ensure your patients´ satisfaction all while reducing your hospital purchased service costs.

Our data analytics methods go deep below the surface to solve complex, often hidden issues and reveal needs which your employees, patients and their families may often not even be aware of. Yet could be costing you thousands of new patients and millions of dollars in lost revenue every year.

We help you discover valuable insights which:

  • Accurately measures and increases your patient satisfaction
  • Enhances your patient care by meeting their hidden needs
  • Improves your operational performance and health outcomes
  • Attracts thousands of new patients to your hospital
  • Builds your hospital a reputation of excellence in patient care
  • Reduces your costs and grows your profit margins by millions

Reveals and Eliminates Your Hidden Problems and Discovers New Opportunities

We use a holistic approach which engages your employees, patients and their families in examining their behaviors, attitudes and feelings all while improving operational performance. This means we can reveal and solve hidden and complex issues which other forms of data collection can´t. And it also reveals their true needs, which they may not even be aware of, or are able to articulate.

Our team of skilled ethnographers participates in your staffs and patients´ routine daily lives in their clinical environment. And by using advanced observation and interview techniques together with deep analysis, they can detect their tacit and unarticulated feelings, needs and aspirations. This gives them a deep understanding of your healthcare processes which other research methods can´t.

This means you can discover valuable insights which empower you with exciting opportunities to develop new products and services which harmonize with their true needs. So, you can build a reputation of excellence in patient care, attract thousands of new patients and grow your profit margins by millions.

Optimizes the Management of Your Hospital

Our team of ethnographers can uncover and solve hidden, complex issues in your delivery of care and operational performance in your departments, OR, ER, laboratories and outpatient clinics, which may be costing you millions of dollars every year in lost revenue.

We engage your staff and avail of their deep understanding of the system. Through our interviews, we give them a chance to contribute their valuable insights and ideas. So, they can improve how they carry out their work and enhance your patient care.

We follow surgical cases from the front line to see what decisions are being made and how staff are performing their work. This helps us uncover any costly inefficiencies, such as if any shortcuts are being made, if staff haven´t been trained properly, or if they´re unaware of any new regulations.

This optimizes the management of your hospital in many ways:

  • Provides guidelines to speed up processes and patient flow
  • Improves access to care and reduces overall waiting times in ED
  • Harnesses your resources to their full potential
  • Reduces costs for supplies, implants and medications
  • Uncovers the root of problems such as why surgeries are delayed
  • Resolves issues such as the relocation of beds between units
  • Resolves your interfaces issues and integrates your systems
  • Improves processes for charge capture, billings, holds/releases
  • Insures your capture charges are released in a timely manner
  • Eliminates delays in dropping patients´ bills
  • Creates a culture of ownership, responsibility and accountability

The data we uncover empowers you to manage your departments to their full potential and means your patients can receive the best care possible.

And by listening and addressing your staffs´ needs we also improve their job satisfaction, which has the knock-on effect of increasing their productivity and the level of care they provide.

Reduces Readmissions and Maximizes Reimbursements

Patient readmissions can lower your productivity, patient care and cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits. Our hospital consultants can help you reverse this trend.

Everything may look normal on the surface, however there could be complex hidden issues affecting your delivery of care and operational performance which your staff aren´t even aware of.

We uncover such issues by studying the progression of cases from beginning to end to see what individual decisions are being made along the way. This means we can get to the root causes of any issues and ensure patients are being fully treated, receiving the correct medication and are being followed up on properly after discharge.

We also closely research the revenue cycle and the staff involved in the process. This helps us ensure proper coding practices are in place and your charge master is up to date.

This means we can improve the efficiency of your whole service to reduce your readmissions and maximize your reimbursements.

Delivers Exceptional Patient Care

By getting to the root causes and solving your hidden problems, your operational performances are able to flow. Your patients´ journey through your organizational boundaries will be seamless, as errors, duplications and delays are reduced during processes such as ¨hand-offs¨. So, their journey is a quicker, smoother and less stressful one.

The insights we discover reveal your patients and their families´ true needs, as opposed to what they say they need, bringing your patient care to a whole new level.

This means better health outcomes for your patients and a more enriching experience for them and their families. So, your hospital can get a higher rating of satisfaction and you can become a thought leader in healthcare!

Builds You a Reputation of Excellence in Patient Care

With consumers now increasingly using online reviews to help them make purchasing decisions, your hospital´s reputation is your most powerful tool in attracting new patients.

Today consumers can go online to sources such as Healthgrade, consumer blogs and forums, and online reviews where they can easily and quickly see what your past patients had to say about the level of treatment and care they received at your hospital.

Our Patient Mapping service turns you into a market leader and delivers exceptional care to your patients, without increasing your costs, but actually reducing them.

This makes you stand out from the crowd and builds you a reputation of excellence in patient care, which helps you attract new patients, and increases you profits margins by potentially millions of dollars each year.

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