Hospital Purchased Services Solutions

Conversations with VIE

Hospital Purchased Services Solutions

During this Conversation with VIE, Lisa Miller, CEO, Rich Dormer, COO, and Lynn Hansen, Chief Clinical Officer of VIE Healthcare explore unique opportunities and best practices for improving hospitals’ Purchased Services spend.

VIE’s Hospital Purchased Services Engagements Overview

VIE has been at the forefront of Purchased Services analysis and expense reduction for seventeen years.

Hospital Purchased Services Categories and Spend Areas

VIE’s six main categories:

  1. Clinical
  2. Support Services/Facilities
  3. Finance/HIM/HR
  4. IT/Telehealth/Telecomm
  5. Biomed/Chemical
  6. Admin/Physician

Mapping Hospital Purchased Services to Reimbursements

Unique Opportunities to Reduce Costs in Hospital Purchased Services

  • Organ Transplant
  • Legal Services
  • Air Transport
  • Advertising

Hospital Linen Utilization, Efficiency & Expense Reduction Education

Lynn Hansen, Chief Clinical Officer and Registered Nurse of 20 years, drills down into the Support & Facilities Services category of Linen.

  • Cost reduction strategies and best practices
  • Tracking & preventing Linen Loss
  • Soiled rate of return, stagnant inventory, staff errors

Invoice ROI™

Invoice ROI™ is a new, unparalleled process which combs through outsourced purchased services invoices for errors and issues on a monthly basis. Exclusively offered by VIE, Invoice ROI™ benchmarks in real time and provides a dashboard for measuring utilization trends.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Hospital Purchased Services Engagements

If you want skilled, rapid, and effective Purchased Services cost savings there is only one company to call: VIE Healthcare. Reach out to Denise Bisogno at (732)-359-7646 ext 500, Lisa Miller at, Rich Dormer at, or Lynn Hansen at to discuss.

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