Our Contract Management Best Practice Helps Your Healthcare Facility Realize Substantial Financial Savings.

Erase Inaccuracies and Eliminate Non-Compliance With Our Peerless Expertise

Best practice in healthcare contract management requires the scrutiny of hundreds of legally binding documents to ensure terms and conditions are adhered to.

As your trusted partner, VIE Healthcare provides proven hospital contract management solutions to identify cost saving opportunities:

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Management of all phases of contract creation.

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Expert oversight of the hospital contract review process.

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Streamlining and improvement of contract approvals.

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Efficient execution of contract agreements.

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Lifecycle management of end-to-end contracts.

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Choice of a procurement-only approach or a holistic strategy.

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Customized solutions for each hospital.

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Providing clarity on complex contract language.

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Uncover contractual inconsistencies and errors to ensure operations are streamlined.

Our expertise is supported by an automated healthcare contract management system to provide real-time maintenance of all contracts across your hospital.
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Maximize Your Operational Performance, Minimize Risks and Drive Margin Improvement With Contract Management Expertise From VIE Healthcare

For One Client We Executed a Contract Renewal Which Represented 40% Annual Cost Savings One Year Ahead of the Contractual End Date.

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Rarely do I feel compelled to write a letter of commendation, however, I wanted to thank you for the excellent work that you performed in negotiating the telecommunication contracts for the health system. The system realized tremendous unanticipated savings as well as refund checks. I appreciate that you were able to accomplish this with minimal involvement of our staff. I look forward to working with you on additional cost savings initiatives.
– Mark Boucot, Corporate Director Lourdes Health System