Telehealth and Telemedicine Consulting

Tech innovation has always been central to healthcare. Especially in rural settings, telehealth and telemedicine have been at the forefront of pioneering better patient care. But today, innovative technology in medicine is becoming increasingly mainstream, poised to grow exponentially.

Whether it’s cloud-based medical records or the use of mobile devices to perform crucial assessments in the ER, telehealth and telemedicine are now imperatives for every healthcare organization. Hospitals and post-acute care providers can no longer afford to wait on the sidelines of innovation.

VIE healthcare innovates profitable, competitive telehealth and telemedicine solutions.

We firmly believe that technology is the future of better care—and better business—for all healthcare organizations. The new face of the healthcare industry, telehealth and telemedicine are much more than viable methods of care. They are also increasingly acknowledged by Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance companies for reimbursements and incentives.

VIE works closely with healthcare providers to:

  • Assess their current telehealth and telemedicine state, including ROI and impact of technology
  • Identify existing opportunities to bring more telehealth and telemedicine into the organization
  • Develop a 3 to 5-year plan for large-scale telemedicine and telehealth innovation in the business
  • Use technology to bridge the gap between a shortage in physicians, and an increase in elderly patients
  • Proactively plan for upcoming healthcare trends, chronic health issues, and other foreseeable challenges

These key advisory services give our clients a strong competitive edge in the field of telehealth and telemedicine. At the same time, VIE fosters a holistic approach to innovation in organizations, keeping the entire business ahead of the curve.

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