Physician Practice Management

Helping people is what you do best.
Helping you do business is what we do best.

Quality patient care should be the core focus of every physician practice. But every practice is a business, too. Limited resources, new healthcare regulations, and complicated payment models creates enormous challenges in operations—and distract physicians from vital care-giving.

Simply put, running an efficient practice can steal the focus from quality patient care. Here at VIE Healthcare, we make sure that doesn’t happen.

Whether your practice is private or hospital-owned, VIE understands the unique challenges you face.

We know that your staff work tirelessly to fill a wide range of roles at the office. That’s why our management approach let’s you get back to doing what you love—helping your patients—while we cut costs and maximize profits, all without compromising quality.

We’re experts at helping both single physician and small group practices address gaps in operational and financial performance. Our unique strategy dramatically improves operational efficiency, patient experience, and marketing for physician practices across the country.

Your practice will achieve the following powerful outcomes with VIE:

  • Realize high-impact savings through a complete analysis of hidden cost-savings opportunities within the practice
  • Revamp billing practices, co-pay processes, and agreements with providers for continuous improvement, including ICD-10 coding adjustments for more accurate collections
  • Renegotiate terms with managed care providers, with a focus on generating additional revenue sources
  • Identify and improve patient satisfaction through comprehensive patient experience analysis, including mystery shopping, test phone calls, and more
  • Create a superior marketing plan for the physician practice through heightened web presence and powerful thought leadership initiatives
  • Educate staff on VIE’s strategies to establish a long-term plan for improvement

VIE pays special attention to improving the patient experience, an increasingly important element of success in healthcare. With more competition and the advent of review sites such as Yelp, doctors can no longer ignore that patient satisfaction is directly linked to profitability.

Physician practices also benefit from VIE’s proprietary model for management, known as the S.W.A.T. Model to Immediately Deploy Expert Resources:

physician practice

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