Patient Journey Mapping®: Front-Line Insights for Excellent Patient Care

VIE’s Patient Journey Mapping® service is an illustrated patient pathway or process, connecting the steps between two or more points – for example, from the decision to have knee replacement surgery, to the day of surgery, to discharge from the hospital and home health rehabilitation.

To define this process as shadowing patients through a process and collecting observations and interviews would be an oversimplification. Successful Patient Journey Mapping® requires astute Ethnography skills, close attention to nonverbal cues and nuances, and removal of all bias and preconceived notions about the patient experience.

VIE’s team finds problems that may not have been obvious or expected from an outsider’s or administrator’s perspective, but matter deeply to the patient. The problems identified serve as a starting point for an improvement project specific for your own place of work. VIE then works collaboratively with the hospital to create solutions, collecting ideas from staff who understand the system and creating a culture of ownership, responsibility, and accountability for your team.

The Patient Journey Map™ diagnoses patient issues, complications, and challenges in a visual manner and can be used as a tool in Care Redesign, and in reconfiguring the patient journey to optimize hospital resources and build a better model of care for patients.

Patient Journey Mapping® Deliverables:

  • Insights and ideas address variations in care
  • Pain-points, frustrations for patients, their families, and other providers of care.
  • Care redesign opportunities
  • Strategic insights in care delivery and operational performance
  • Front-line insights and recommendations.