Patient and Family Experience Consulting Services

Hospitals are businesses. But unlike other businesses, hospitals service people who don’t want to be there. For the vast majority of patients and their families, a hospital visit is the last resort during a frightening time.

As a result, it’s imperative that hospitals work to mitigate any negative experience for patients and their families. One bad interaction can turn patients off to an entire institution. The next time they or their loved ones need care, they’ll take their business to a different hospital.

VIE Healthcare knows how to dramatically improve the hospital experience for patients and their families.

We work closely with hospitals to optimize end-to-end patient contact—from initial ER stays and family visits, to out-patient lab services and follow-up phone calls. From the time someone first enters your property, to the time they no longer need care, every point of contact is key.

Many hospitals consider major points of entry—like the ER—but overlook the smaller points of contact. The truth is that every single touch-point impacts quality of care. Improving patient and family experience requires attention to detail, empathy, and innovation.

VIE helps hospitals improve patient and family experience with three core services:

  1. Holistic patient experience assessment
    • A comprehensive, live assessment of the entire hospital, from 4 a.m. until the end of the day
    • Interviews with patients and family visitors at every point of patient contact
    • Review of patient satisfaction scores and online comments to evaluate the current state of patient and family experience at the hospital
  2. Roadmap for improvement
    • An actionable roadmap based on the insights of the patient experience assessment
    • A comprehensive report on how to implement necessary changes at specific touch-points
    • Innovative ideas for dramatically improving the hospital’s patient and family experience
  3. EXCITE! Workshop
    • An interactive workshop guaranteed to produce cost savings and revenue improvement ideas of over $100,000 for your organization
    • Collaboration between VIE’s team of experts and hospital employees to take patient and family experience to the next level

In addition to these three offerings, VIE also advises executive leadership teams about best practices, and provides employee education and training to improve customer service in specific hospital departments.

Every hospital has numerous untapped opportunities for better patient and family experience. To learn how your hospital can start creating better experiences today, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at

patient and family experience

Throughout the relationship, VIE was extremely responsive to our needs, and we always believed that they had our best interests in mind when developing strategic goals and identifying areas for improvement. I would highly recommend their services to organizations looking to strengthen their operational efficiency and bottom line.
Chief Administration Officer
Southeast Health System

patient and family experience