Expert Data Analytics for Healthcare

Turning data into insight, insight into wisdom, wisdom into action, and action into results.

Data drives everything for healthcare organizations today. Increasingly valuable, it provides crucial business direction to ensure high-quality patient care and profitability. Simply put, data always tells the truth.

But just having access to data isn’t enough. Organizations must understand it, too—or face dire business consequences.

That’s why VIE specializes in data analytics for healthcare.

We know that misinterpreted data is worse than no data at all. Our expert data analysts collect data, put it together, and derive accurate insights for better business. At its core, data analytics is a foundation of measurement for any organization. And as we like to say, “What gets measured gets improved.”

Without proper data analytics, healthcare organizations can’t convert their data to readable, usable information. This inaccurate data leads to flawed insights and bad business decisions. Institutions such as hospitals, rehab centers, and physician practices often struggle to handle Big Data—large amounts of complex data from disparate systems.

To solve these important problems, VIE’s data analytics team:

  1. Deploys highly skilled data analysts to collect large, disparate sets of complex data
  2. Derives actionable insights from data, drawing accurate conclusions for business improvement
  3. Achieves rapid implementation of key data insights, ensuring maximum business impact

Data analytics is only effective if all three of these actions are taken. Miss just one, and the entire analytics project will fail. While other consulting firms offer the first step—data collection—VIE Healthcare is unique in our ability to offer all three.

We don’t just collect your data and then leave. We stay put until you and your team truly understand it. Then, we teach you how to analyze data on your own.

In this way, VIE provides superior data analytics for the healthcare industry. As Medicare continues to flood the market with claims data and new regulations, strong data analytics is more essential to healthcare success than ever. As a result, one of VIE’s key areas of expertise is analyzing regulatory data to help our clients meet—and then leverage—new healthcare regulations.

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