Continuum of Care Strategies for Hospital Operational Performance

Acute and post-acute care settings used to be entirely separate. Not so anymore. Today—with increasing changes to regulations and reimbursement plans—quality patient care requires strong collaboration across all care settings.

Known as continuum of care, this new reality is a challenge for healthcare organizations. It means that what starts in the hospital doesn’t end in the hospital. In many cases, it doesn’t truly begin in the hospital, either: Pre-hospital care such as blood pressure management is an equally critical part of the continuum.

VIE Healthcare helps hospitals optimize continuous care across the complete spectrum of patient treatment.

Our unique approach emphasizes transparency, effective communication, and innovation. We provide:

  • Pre-hospital care strategies to prevent patients from arriving sick for procedures or surgeries
  • Improved communication among physicians, specialists, and all other healthcare providers
  • Expert management of patients’ expectations of care, leading to higher patient satisfaction
  • Inter-hospital coordination of critical information between acute and post-acute care settings
  • Innovative technological devices and interventions to dramatically improve continuum of care

With VIE, hospitals can expect dramatic cost savings, excellent continuous care, and improved plans for every stage of patient treatment.

To learn more about VIE’s continuum of care strategies, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at

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I am pleased to recommend VIE Healthcare. We began our partnership with VIE in 2011 and have achieved success in reducing costs while maintaining quality across several departments. The VIE team is quick and efficient, and is conscious to never interfere with ongoing hospital operations.”
Vice President Support Services
Four-Hospital IDN

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