Episode-Based Payment Consulting Services

Bundled payments have dramatically changed the way healthcare providers manage care. Hospitals are no longer done managing patients once they walk out the door.

This episode-based payment method requires providers to use a single payment to cover end-to-end patient care—including various practitioners, services, and care settings, up to 90 days post-surgery. As Medicare continues to push this model, more healthcare institutions struggle to embrace bundled payments while managing cost, care quality, and patient satisfaction

The key question is: Can your healthcare organization make money off bundled payments?

The answer is yes—and here at VIE Healthcare, we’ve figured out how.

We view bundled payments as great opportunities for profitability. It’s not easy—most institutions don’t receive the potential bonuses, and they don’t meet Medicare’s qualifications. But it’s entirely possible for any organization. Leveraging the bundled payment system for profit requires resources, time, and innovation. VIE can provide all three.

Our Bundled Payment Advisory Services help hospitals successfully manage bundled payments by:

  • Identifying gaps in care coverage and resource allocation
  • Reengineering and innovating new programs of care
  • Establishing post-acute care management strategies
  • Reducing the cost of supply and service offerings
  • Developing better management strategies for high-risk patients
  • Enabling end-to-end patient tracking for each episode of care
  • Improving patient satisfaction scores to reach Medicare incentives

VIE brings nearly two decades of experience to the task of managing bundled payment regulations. We ensure that our clients have all the pieces in place—such as patient tracking, data analytics, and best practices—to start making money off bundled payments.

If you’re ready to not only manage but truly profit from bundled payments, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at lmiller@viehealthcare.com.