Front-Line Hospital Department Performance

When it comes to delivering excellent patient care, every aspect of the hospital matters. From patient check-in all the way to discharge, the smallest details can make or break a patient’s ultimate treatment experience.

VIE Healthcare offers comprehensive assessments to optimize every last detail of the hospital environment.

Our unique assessments evaluate every nook and cranny of hospital procedure, including the OR, surgical services, the ER, supply chain management, and even patient flow. We take a collaborative approach to assessing the current state of healthcare organizations. Hospital staff and patients are involved in every step of the assessment to maximize the clarity and impact of each evaluation.

VIE’s holistic assessments cover four key areas:

  1. People: Starting from 4 a.m. until the end of the day, a deep-dive assessment of patient experiences and staff procedures
  2. Technology: A comprehensive review of the hospital’s current state of technology, including telehealth and telemedicine
  3. Processes: Development of key process maps to evaluate staff roles, treatment procedures, and department practices
  4. Data: Expert analysis of disparate, complex data to identify opportunities for improvement and gaps in critical data collection

Organizations come away with a detailed report of findings, providing enormous insight into the business—and a specific action plan for improvements. Unlike other companies, VIE also offers end-to end project management to implement our recommendations rapidly in the organization.

To schedule a holistic assessment of your hospital, call Lisa Miller at 1-888-484-3332 Ext 501 or email at



Not only was it the most thoughtful assessment I’ve been involved with, I most appreciated the collaborative nature by which it was performed…The experts VIE provided not only covered every clinical area of the perioperative environment, but also all the critical areas that support their processes. VIE’s collaborative approach allowed a real time education opportunity throughput the assessment process. From clinical, financial, supply chain, and process experts, you managed to cover all the bases.
VP of Operations Improvement
Northeast Health System