Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions

Let VIE maximize profits for your Ambulatory Surgery Center,
so you can maximize exceptional patient care.

Ambulatory surgery is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the healthcare industry today. It’s easy to understand why: Clinical advances have made same-day surgery more accessible and convenient than ever before. Not surprisingly, ambulatory surgery center (ASC) offerings are expected to grow by 16% by 2019.

But the expansion of ASCs is matched by an increase in business challenges. A massive rise in competition, healthcare regulations, and operating costs all contribute to major gaps in operational performance at ambulatory and outpatient surgery centers.

To remain profitable and continue to deliver exceptional patient care, ASCs today must look for opportunities to optimize operations, save, improve, and grow. That’s where VIE Healthcare comes in.

VIE’s team of experts take a collaborative approach to evaluate ASCs.

We offer comprehensive assessments of both private and hospital-owned centers to determine the best solutions for revenue growth, cost savings, and patient satisfaction.

Above all, our unique approach maximizes operational efficiency for every ASC we work with. We take a holistic view of each center, taking time to understand and improve the intersections of marketing, patient experience, and operations.

VIE’s proprietary ASC Opportunity assessment boosts your profitability by:

  • Identifying key opportunities for process improvements, revenue enhancements and cost savings throughout the ASC
  • Evaluating current state of operations to make sound decisions based on facts
  • Restructuring outpatient surgeries to facilitate ideal insurance and billing practices
  • Optimizing reimbursements by revamping billing practices, co-pay processes, and agreements with providers for continuous improvement
  • Developing key marketing initiatives to expand the reach of the ASC
  • Identifying patient satisfaction issues and improving the patient experience

With VIE at your side, you can focus on providing exceptional patient care while we transform your operational efficiency. We take care of your business, so you can take care of your patients.

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