Discover the Power of Invoice ROI™ – Reconciliation, Optimization, Intelligence

This research report was compiled by Lisa Miller.


Spending on US healthcare reached a record high of $3.8 trillion in 2018. US healthcare costs are the highest in the world and nearly double that of most developed countries. This trend cannot be sustained. Cost control and margin improvement are the urgent strategic priorities for all healthcare systems as the industry grapples with emerging digital technologies, combating spiraling costs and a renewed emphasis on high quality patient care.

As CEO and founder of VIE Healthcare®, my focus is on delivering immediate, guaranteed margin improvement and sustainable cost savings to our clients to help you respond to those demands. This report explores one of the most overlooked areas – purchased services spend.

We achieve major cost savings for our clients with our patented, proven technology, Invoice ROI™.

In this VIE Healthcare® Research Report, my goal is to empower you to discover the power of line item analytics and make smarter, data driven decisions for your hospital’s purchased services spend to deliver significant cost savings.

Please reach out directly to me to discuss the ways in which VIE Healthcare® can empower and support your organization in the vital areas of margin improvement, transforming the patient experience and delivering high quality healthcare.