Guaranteed margin improvement with our patented technology Invoice ROI™

Achieve unparalleled cost savings in your purchased services spend

In some cases, up to 30% of hospital purchased spend is either not detailed on the contract or does not match contract pricing.

As a leader in innovation, VIE Healthcare has developed a unique, proven process to identify, analyze and achieve unrivaled purchased services cost savings for hospitals

Invoice ROI™ from VIE Healthcare provides insights into your purchased services transactional data.

Our patented technology offers invoice reconciliation, contract optimization, business intelligence and an analytics platform with real-time line item contract reconciliation and benchmarking performance.

Every month, Invoice ROI™ from VIE Healthcare:

Eliminates overpayment of purchased services invoices in real-time.

Provides automatic invoice reconciliation monthly.

Creates utilization reports with data that is automatically extracted to improve your hospital’s performance by date range.

Offers real-time purchased services intelligence and cost savings.

Our Vision Is To Move Our Clients To A Life Cycle Management of Their Purchased Services Spend Driven By Invoice ROI™ and The Power of Line Item Analytics

Discover the margin improvement hiding in your line item details

Invoice ROI™ is patented technology made and managed in the United States of America.

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We have been overly impressed with VIE Healthcare’s approach to our purchased service agreements. We begin with a retroactive audit of our existing agreements and reconciliation of any discrepancies and overpayments through VIE Healthcare’s Invoice ROI™ Technology. From there VIE Healthcare’s Invoice ROI™ Technology continues to review invoices regularly to help avoid any future discrepancies. VIE Healthcare has able to identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in discrepancies. Because they analyze invoices at the line item level, VIE Healthcare have the ability to quickly take utilization and usage trends to produce RFPs allowing us to re-negotiate new agreements resulting in further cost reductions. This includes consolidating contracts and service providers across multiple hospitals in different regions.

– Luis R. Martinez, VP Supply Chain, Cornerstone Healthcare Group

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Discover 15 Effective Cost Savings Strategies That Most Hospitals Can Apply Right Now

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