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New Corporate Office for VIE Healthcare

 ANNOUNCEMENT: As of Friday, July 14th, 2017, VIE Healthcare has moved to a state-of-the-art corporate office facility with a triple-layer, enterprise grade protection system, exceeding all HIPAA compliance requirements. At VIE, we handle our hospitals’ and health systems’ private data with the utmost sensitivity. We look forward to continuously evolving in order to best serve

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Private ACOs Show Early Promise

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are designed to shift the burden of excess costs to providers, by challenging them to provide better, more coordinated care to a large group of patients at the lowest cost possible. Lowering the cost of care for any population is most effective when patients with frequent Emergency Department (ED) or hospital

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Telehealth Emerges As Both Practical & Profitable

While telehealth is typically regarded as a new, emerging method of healthcare delivery, its origins are actually quite old.  In fact, telehealth dates back at least to 1879, when an article in the Lancet discussed the practicality of using telephone calls to reduce unnecessary office or home visits. Dating not so far back, though still

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Report Highlights Payer Performances

A recent report released by health IT company athenahealth details the performance of 148 payers.  Using data from more than 52,000 healthcare providers, athenahealth is able to analyze millions of charges and payments to provide insight into financial and administrative performance. For the second year in a row, Humana is ranked at the top, with

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Finding a Trusted Source

A recent post on Healthcare Finance News provides “Purchasing Insight” into the “growing hip implant market.” The senior analyst who authored the piece explains that hip implants are predicted to increase, and by purchasing intelligently, hospitals can increase their revenues and maintain profitability into the future. One method for intelligent purchasing is standardization. Choosing one

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Budget Changes in the Age of Health Reform

Chuck Green writes in Healthcare Finance News about “Reform creating budgeting changes” for hospitals.  He cites the long list of reform measures hospitals are now required to adhere to, and the resulting shift away from ledger budgeting towards patient-centric predictive budgeting. Green is on-target with his description of hospitals’ need to focus less on volume

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The Verdict Is In: Hospitals CAN Maintain Quality Care While Cutting Costs

A January article published by Healthcare Finance News posed the question: Can hospitals maintain high quality care while cutting costs? The author explains that hospitals must cut costs due to low reimbursement rates but must still maintain high quality to attract patients, especially the newly insured.  These are real issues faced by hospital administrators across

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Soldier Returns to New Leadership Role

Soldier Returns to New Leadership Role By Amanda Malik Last week VIE Healthcare had the privilege of welcoming back one of America’s finest – Lt. Col David Dean, who has just returned a yearlong tour of duty in the Middle East. Dean, who has been with VIE for several years, was greeted by coworkers with

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Contract Management Best Practices

Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Cost Hospitals Millions of Dollars Annually By: Lisa T. Miller, MHA Organizations could realize savings that equal to 2% of total annual costs by eliminating inaccuracies and noncompliance through contract management automation. – Pricewaterhouse CoopersTherefore, a hospital spending $30 million could save $600,000 annually with an effective contract management system.

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