Sales & Healthcare Can Be a Conflict Of Interest

This year’s predicted 5.3% increase in healthcare costs is part of an upward trend expected to propel spending up to $5.7 trillion by 2026¹ . The rising cost of…

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The “Check Please” Program at Cleveland Clinic

Why the need?

As healthcare in this country shifts its focus to a more value-based model and as hospitals are being reimbursed less and less for services delivered, healthcare systems…

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The Challenge of Remaining Profitable as a Hospital

Verity Health System of California, Inc., which operates 6 hospitals in northern and southern CA, filed for bankruptcy on August 31, 2018. The system did not find itself in…

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Profiting From Analytics

Profiting from analytics is only doable if you have systems in place to ensure your analytics and data will lead you closer to your goals.

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Family Involvement in Healthcare

Your hospital is very often not just dealing with patients, but their families as well. So, family involvement in healthcare is an important point to consider.

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Domain Breakdown of HBVP

This article was written by James Cagliostro.

CMS has developed very specific measures in each of the following four domains to determine each hospital’s Total Performance Score…

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