Measuring Patient Satisfaction

Don’t underestimate the importance of measuring patient satisfaction.

“Creating or maintaining high patient satisfaction” ranked as the number one challenge that hospitals face. Eighty-two percent of…

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Waste in the Operating Room

This article was written by James Cagliostro.

The rising cost of healthcare has not only affected patients, it has affected the way in which hospitals operate. While…

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Hospital Cost Improvement Strategy

“As a general principle…about one third (of hospitals) have margins that are above zero, probably about one-third of hospitals are pretty close to zero….and about…

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Embracing Innovation

Look at your hospital’s processes and patient services and honestly ask yourself, is it time to innovate?

Let’s face it, each hospital has key differences which either make…

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Remembering Hector Rodriguez

Hector Rodriguez was so much more than just a business analyst for VIE Healthcare. He was the kind of person who’d leave a positive first impression on you and…

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