Partner with VIE for Hospital Cost Reduction Services


There are 10 reasons for which hospitals partner with us for our cost reduction service:

1. We deliver results immediately. Your expenses will be reduced within 60 days.

2. And we will continue helping you save money until all avenues of doing so are identified and exploited.

3. You incur no risk. You pay us from the savings we help you achieve.

4. We collaborate with you, by communicating clearly and quickly, putting no strain on your operations.

5. It’s easy for you. We do it all, and can start with very limited datasets.

6. Once we have all the data we need, we perform a detailed forensic analysis of all non-labor spending. Where others fail, we find those difficult to identify opportunities for savings.

7. We implement CANI. We leave your staff with our proven systems, tools and strategies so that Constant and Never Ending Innovation becomes a part of your regular operations.

8. You get an Industry Leader to work with you. We possess unmatched expertise, systems, and nearly two decades of benchmarking data. We know where to look for immediate non-labor cost savings.

9. Our proprietary benchmarking data is backed by nearly two decades of experience. Take advantage of leading edge market information, pricing, and contract terms and conditions, and lower your costs wherever viable.

10. Most importantly, nearly two decades of documentation proves that we constantly deliver 15% to 60% non-labor expense reductions.

Want to know more about our performance? Browse our case studies.