Collaborative Post-Acute Care Advisory Services

When it comes to post-acute care, the goal is to move patients efficiently through acute care, and safely into the out-patient care setting. Whether it’s a rehab center, long-term care, or hospice, the patient’s care then becomes all about collaboration.

Now that hospitals must manage not only acute care, but also post-acute care, this is a critical area to master.

Post-acute care is expensive and fragmented. Collaboration is required to maintain patients’ health, preventing costly hospital readmissions. Since hospitals interact with anywhere between 10 and 200 post-acute care organizations, this is no small task.

VIE Healthcare specializes in creating successful plans for collaborative post-acute care.

Since Medicare’s IMPACT Act of 2014, improving post-acute care has become more important than ever. Hospitals must be prepared.

To help hospitals achieve post-acute care success, VIE offers:

  • Data analytics to identify post-acute care costs, evaluate hospitals’ current post-acute care management strategy, and pinpoint gaps in coverage
  • Care redesign to help hospitals reengineer post-acute care, working collaboratively with primary care providers in the acute and post-acute care settings for maximum impact
  • Process-maps to chart ideal future states for hospitals, fully customized to meet the specific needs of each hospital’s post-acute care situation
  • Care innovation to infuse creativity and inventiveness into hospitals’ post-acute care strategies, including leveraging new technology tools to enable better oversight

Simply put, VIE opens your eyes to what must be seen in order to achieve post-acute care success. With nearly two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, we can quickly identify areas for improvement, and rapidly implement best practices for our clients.

To learn how VIE can help your organization master post-acute care, Please reach out to Denise Bisogno at