Healthcare Reform and Regulation Advisory Services

Today, healthcare regulations change frequently and dramatically. All healthcare providers are affected by these near-weekly shifts in the regulatory landscape: hospitals, physicians, and post-acute care providers alike.

Managing healthcare reform has become a critical part of success in the industry—but it’s not easy.

That’s why VIE Healthcare is committed to reading, understanding, and dissecting each new piece of healthcare reform. We identify the risks and opportunities in complex regulations so our clients don’t have to. Then, as trusted advisors, we teach hospitals and other organizations how to successfully manage reform for increased profitability.

For most healthcare leaders, the prospect of reading every new regulation simply requires time they don’t have. This leads to reactive—rather than proactive—decisions to accommodate new regulatory changes.

VIE enables organizations to make proactive plans to innovate ahead of the healthcare reform curve, an approach that dramatically grows bottom lines.

Our comprehensive advisory services for healthcare reform and regulation include:

  • Systematic assessments of how organizations are currently managing healthcare reform
  • Detailed analysis of new healthcare regulations that impact providers of care
  • Comment-writing to provide important feedback to the government on healthcare reform
  • Methodical impact analysis to prepare healthcare providers for the specific effects of new regulations
  • Workshops to educate all key stakeholders on new healthcare regulations
  • Mentorship for healthcare leaders to innovate successful strategies to profit from reform

With VIE as a trusted partner, healthcare providers learn what questions to ask, what adjustments to make, and how to find opportunities for growth in any new healthcare regulation. Instead of merely managing reform, our clients profit from it.

We want to help your organization create proactive strategies for success in healthcare reform. Please reach out to Denise Bisogno at to learn more.